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  • Jul312017

    Women and Bike Shops – Is There A Problem?

    Our hands are up, we sell bike clothing online. You’d think we’d delight in the fact that many bike shops…

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  • Jun282017
    Maryka female cyclist racing

    From the Team: Maryka Sennema

    What’s it like to take your riding to the next level and join a team? After nine years of racing,…

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  • May242017
    caring for your cycling kit

    Caring For Your Cycling Clothes

    A new bit of kit is bound to put a smile on your face. To make that joy last just…

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  • Feb092017
    how cyclists celebrate a win

    How an Elite Cyclist Celebrates a Win


    We’re not usually ones to focus on the negative! Having brought you some tips for bouncing back after a bad result…

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  • Feb022017
    female cyclist sprint finish in womens cycling race

    Change of Pace Training Tips from an Elite Women’s Cycling Team

    If you’re new to competitive cycling, Change of Pace training is going to really help you up your game. Regularly…

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  • Jan252017
    change of pace training with gears for beginner cyclists

    Change of Pace Training for Beginner Cyclists

    Are you new to cycling, or just starting to take it more seriously? Are you looking for a way to…

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