Selecting the best size for your body

Our cycling clothing is available from size extra small to extra large. We understand that it can be ever so frustrating buying kit online when you’re not totally sure the size is right for you so we hope this guide is helpful!



Use a dress-makers measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest, normally at the nipple, and round the measurement to the nearest centimetre. Be careful not to hold the tape tight as a measurement taken with tight tape will result in a tight top!



Breathe out naturally. Use you measuring tape to take the measurement from the midway point between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hips, this will often be the narrowest part of your torso. Round the size to the nearest centimetre.



This can be confusing as although this is your hip measurement, must would would probably call this area the butt. Or bottom. Take the measuring tape to the widest part of your buttocks, again loosely as with the bust and waist, and measure the circumference to the nearest centimetre.

Size guide

Fierlan sizeApproximate UK size1. Bust2. Waist3. Hips
Extra small6-8806688
Extra large14-169682104