An Interview with… Elite women’s cycling Team Manager, Terry | Part 2

An Interview with… Elite women’s cycling Team Manager, Terry | Part 2
03/11/2016 Fierlan
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womens cycling team manager terry fusion rt

Terry is the lovely team manager for Fusion RT Fierlan.

We’ve given you an overview of  Terry’s background and his top tips for getting spotted by a race team. In this second part of our interview we bring you his opinions on sponsors and the UK cycling scene.


What do you look for in a sponsor?

Ideally funding and commitment to the team. Most sponsors offer equipment such as kit. A kit sponsor is essential. The team would find it difficult if not impossible to give its riders the level of support it does without a good and committed kit sponsor.

Can you be picky?

Yes a bit, it is no good having a sponsor who does not commit.

Have you found more companies offering sponsorship with the increase in popularity of women’s cycling?

No. Unfortunately most businesses still think that sponsoring mens team is the best way…

the fusion rt fierlan womens cycling racing team

How would you pitch the Fusion RT team to a new sponsor?

They would be supporting one of the best teams at national level who can give their product some of the best exposure available in the women’s racing community.

UK Cycling

How do you think the UK domestic cycling scene compares to say, the French or Spanish scene?

There is no comparison. Their teams are much better funded. The infrastructure is much better. The races are harder and longer. The club structure is better at giving riders with ability a start and a way to the top teams. Those scenes are all about funding and commitment.

Do you think British Cycling helps to set up our athletes for an international career?

With exception of the few at the very top no.

British Cycling is about success at the world championships and the Olympics. It concentrates on the track because success is easily quantifiable compared with the road.

Apart from the British Cycling National Road Series they give little or no support to the domestic scene. Riders who make it onto their training programmes may race in Europe but only with a view of meeting BC’s own needs ,not with a view of giving riders a chance to get on to the top flight European Teams.  

BC leaves the domestic scene to its own devices too much. It costs a lot of money in fees and levies to BC to race and the riders and the teams see little for it.

Some strong opinions there! What do you think about the UK women’s racing scene?

If there’s anything you’d like us to ask Terry, let us know in the comments! ?