How an Elite Cyclist Celebrates a Win

How an Elite Cyclist Celebrates a Win
09/02/2017 Lucy
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how cyclists celebrate a win

We’re not usually ones to focus on the negative! Having brought you some tips for bouncing back after a bad result – we thought we’d let you know how our ladies at Fusion RT Fierlan celebrate a win! 

Angela Hibbs is an incredible TT rider, and with her track record she’s celebrated more than once or twice!

How do you usually celebrate an awesome result?

“Hopefully celebrate with fellow team members or friends who are there. When I get home I always like to unpack everything straight away and clean the bike if it needs but then relax and reflect …a nice dog walk is always good as it serves for a great warm down as well.

Sometimes might have a sneaky half glass of wine or splash of baileys to celebrate too.  Most of the time though I have hours of driving to get back home to Newcastle so usually celebrations and relaxation has to wait!”


What can you learn from a good result?

“If you have paced it really well, listened to your body well, stuck to the pre race plan then you can learn alot.

There is always something to reflect on and work on for the next time, it’s important to reflect back through the race and work out what went well and what could have been done differently…”

Any small things you think have a big effect on race results?

“Just regularly checking your bike over (tyres, loose bits etc) doesn’t take long but could mean you find a piece of glass or loose screw pre race rather than when it comes off or punctures in the race.

Also plenty of sleep and rest the few days before.”


Take time to reflect and learn from your wins04 – but don’t forget to celebrate! If you’re yet to cycle competitively, check out our blog for a guide on how to get into racing.