Fierlan Athletes are incredible women who compete on 2 wheels. We’re ecstatic to now be working with some of the best female cyclists in the UK and around the world.

These women inspire us.

Each Fierlan Athlete has an amazing story that lead them to cycling sports. Some have overcome health issues, some have battled adversity. Some manage t balance full-time jobs, family life and commitments with intense training and competitions.


These women inspire more.

Whether it be press, blogging or social media, these women share their stories and inspire more to take up cycling. These women don’t just settle for being top of their game, they encourage ladies everywhere to spend more time on their bikes.

Meet the Athletes

Since Fierlan launched in 2013, our priority is creating cycling clothing that works beautifully with women’s bodies.

By never compromising on fit, performance or comfort, we have developed a cycling kit that is as practical for competitive cyclists as it is for commuters and leisure cyclists.